New Releases for October

'Red Tail Catfish II' by Rosi Oldenburg

12 BEAUTIFUL NEW COLORED PENCIL DRAWINGS have been released by Rosi. Both the originals and fine art reproductions of these striking, colorful images of Pike, Trout, Salmon, Red tail Catfish and a Vanautu are now available for purchase. Stay tuned for a future update! Rosi Oldenburg Fine Art New York | NY • USA

New Releases

'King Salmon In Net' by Rosi Oldenburg

13 NEW ORIGINAL ACRYLIC CANVAS PAINTINGS have been posted on the web site. Most of these ‘angling art’ paintings are covered with an acrylic gloss coating that make them visually stunning with a watery look. Fine art reproductions are also available for each of the originals. 4 BEAUTIFUL NEW RELEASES by Rosi done with her … Read more

ROFA Brand on Facebook

Rosi Oldenburg Fine Art profile image for ROFA page on Facebook

EXPLORING BRANDING VISUALS for the Rosi Oldenburg Fine Art page on Facebook. The above is one of many, many images that we are exploring. An update of this post will be shared once a profile image is finalized. Rosi Oldenburg Fine Art New York | NY • USA


'Cuttie' by Rosi Oldenburg

A BEAUTIFUL NEW RELEASE by Rosi, entitled… CUTTIE …is a classic colored pencil art. The original and fine art reproduction prints of this striking, colorful image of a cutthroat trout will be added to the Art Shoppe in the Fall. Stay tuned for a future update! Rosi Oldenburg Fine Art New York | NY • USA

Welcome to My World!

Rosi Oldenburg portrait in front of Wiener Maske

WELCOME TO THE NEW WEB SITE for Rosi Oldenburg Fine Art. Super excited about the makeover as you will now get to know me better and all that I love doing… creating art of all that I see around me! As I see art everywhere and it appears as a vision in my mind’s eye, … Read more