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'Trout Head' by Rosi Oldenburg :: Rosi Oldenburg Fine Art

Rosi Oldenburg portrait in front of Wiener MaskeWELCOME TO THE NEW WEB SITE for Rosi Oldenburg Fine Art. Super excited about the makeover as you will now get to know me better and all that I love doing… creating art of all that I see around me!

As I see art everywhere and it appears as a vision in my mind’s eye, the art is captured right away… and I can’t wait to get on my drawing table and start creating with my coloured pencils. As you will see from much of the colored pencil art I create, it’s based on what’s real in life, be it… people, fish, landscapes OR more of an abstraction of what inspires me to create art.

I love the challenges that others ~ and myself ~ put in front of me… to create art from a visual that speaks to them …or me.

If you should find something that speaks to you on my web site and you’d like me to create art specific to your life experience… please LMK!

Rosi Oldenburg
Fine Artist & Illustrator

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